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Cautions for handling
  • Store condition
  • Clean
  • Non-Humid
  • Place which is not exposed to direct sunshine
  • Air flow between the box and floor
Fitting a Bearing on the Shaft
Thermal Mounting
  • Use oven, hot plate, or NSK bearing induction heater
  • Clean heating apparatus
  • Exercise care when using hot oil bath
  • Do not heat above 248 deg F (120 deg C)
  • Reference inner ring expansion chart in NSK catalog, fig. 14.3

Under no circumstances should you heat a bearing by directly putting the torch on the bearing surface.

  • Advantages
    • Heat Large Heats Efficiently
    • Safe For Bearing
  • Disadvantages
    • Oil Can Contaminate Bearing
    • Heating Oil May Not Compatible with Lube
    • Can Not Heat Sealed Bearings By This Method
  • Precautions
    • Make Sure Oil Is Free of Sludge
    • Control Temperature, Do Not Overheat
    • Keep Tank Covered When Not In

Without using flames or oil uniform heating in short time is possible, making shrink fitting efficient and clean.

Bearing Removal Procedures
  • Mark position/orientation of bearing
  • Remove very carefully to avoid damage to shaft/housing
  • Use appropriate tools (not hammers)
  • Apply pressure to the ring with the interference fit